Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

This hearing aid checklist can be used as a guide to checking the function of the device if any problems arise. For more specific hearing aids, the Audiologist can advise further action.


No sound

  • Aid not switched on – is the battery drawer closed
  • Battery insertion – is it in correctly, ensure the + on the battery matches the + on the aid
  • Dead battery – replace battery
  • Cracked/split/firm tubing – replace tubing
  • Tubing/thin tubing blocked with wax – replace tubing/use tubing threader to clear wax
  • Incorrect programme – ensure hearing aid not on telecoil programme

Intermittent sound

  • Tubing twister – unblock/replace
  • Tubing blocked with condensation – remove earmould from hearing aid and use puffer to blow out droplets
  • Hearing aid compression over active – needs fine tuning
  • Hearing aid intermittent – contact your Audiologist
  • Ear hook blocked with condensation – replace hook

Hearing aid whistling

  • Tubing blocked with water – use puffer to blow condensation out of tubing
  • Split tubing – replace tubing
  • Earmould not inserted properly in ear – reinstruction needed about insertion
  • Wax in ear canal – arrange for Ear Care
  • Earmould is not fitting well in ear – contact Audiologist to remake impression
  • Earmould split – contact Audiologist to remake impression

Sore ears

  • Earmould has sharp edges – contact Audiologist to use grinder to smooth earmould
  • Earmould causing irritation – contact Audiologist to make an allergy-free coated earmould

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