Hearing Aids & Earmould Provision

The Audiologist at Poynton Ear Care has expertise in advising and fitting the most up-to-date hearing aids in conjunction in providing suitable moulds for the aids and for swimming alongside earplugs for protection and comfort from noise.

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Types of Hearing Aids

Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids are durable and powerful. They have an inbuilt receiver which is not exposed making this design sturdy and robust. They are ergonomically designed to sit neatly behind the ear. Receiver in the Canal (RIC) hearing aids are more discrete as the received is not build into the hearing aid – it sits in the ear. In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids are custom made to the individual’s ear for maximum discretion and comfort. Completely in the Canal (CIC) are the most invisible in design available for lesser hearing losses.

There are additional devices that complement and interact with these hearing aids in more complex listening environments. Phonak has developed a wide range of wireless accessories to boost the performance of the hearing aid and stay connected, e.g., listening in noisy settings, at a distance or listening to the television.

N.B. Poynton Ear Care offer a trial before you buy option with a 30-day money back guarantee on all hearing products. This offer includes free hearing test, fine tuning, and lifetime aftercare.


Features of Hearing Aids

As technological advances continue in the field of digital hearing aids the client has increasing options available on their hearing device to build a personal hearing product for individual needs. Some of the options that the Audiologist at Poynton Ear Care will talk through with you based on your hearing levels and individual preferences and needs include:

  • Directional microphone and ultra-zoom technology to improve speech in noisy settings
  • Echo block for reducing reverberation in large halls and open plan environments
  • Wind block to suppress the effects of wind on the microphone
  • Whistle block to reduce the unwanted effects of feedback
  • Noise block to reduce uncomfortable environmental noise
  • Tap control to answer phone calls, to pause and resume streaming
  • Advanced streaming options for use with music and television
  • Rechargeable hearing aid options

Hearing Protection

A simple solution to protecting your hearing from Phonak is the Serenity Choice range of hearing protection with filters aimed at reduction/cancelling of noise and loud sounds whilst allowing the ear to breathe and hear relevant speech and sound.

Hearing damage can occur gradually because of noise exposure over time, e.g., repeated visits to a nightclub and can also be damaged by sudden extreme loud noises, e.g., gunshots during shooting. As a result, the ability to hear speech, conversation on the telephone, television and socially can be affected. Noise damage can also cause tinnitus which can be experienced as a permanent or fluctuating ringing, buzzing or humming noise in the ears or the head.

The Audiologist at Poynton Ear Care can talk through the options available in the Serenity range and the prices for different personal needs including sleep, work, music, comfort, shooting and sport.

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