Repairs & Aftercare

It is essential to check your hearing aid and earmould/open tubing (if required) regularly to check for function as well as ensure the device remains clean and clear of wax/debris.

The Audiologist at Poynton Ear Care has a hearing aid maintenance kit used to carry out hearing aid and earmould cleaning and repair. Any specialist parts that are needed can be sourced by the Audiologist as required and a bespoke cleaning kit can be purchase on request.



Hearing Aid training and Communication sessions

One of the most useful ways to help someone with a hearing loss is to understand their communication difficulties in everyday life situations. The Audiologist will visit families and carers at home and in their residential settings to present and discuss relevant topics including the anatomy and physiology of the ear, types and degrees of hearing loss, the Audiogram and speech banana, benefits and limitations of hearing aids and repairs, cleaning and troubleshooting problems and assistive listening devices. This is an interactive session with lots of change for hands on practice with hearing aid and earmoulds alongside an opportunity for a detailed question and answer session.



The communication section highlights how we communicate, factors affecting communication, the listening environmental and difficult listening situations, effective communication strategies, e.g., lipreading.

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